I hope to inspire people by igniting a fire they didn’t know was there, producing confidence and appreciation for their bodies. I want them to see what I see from where I sit: someone who is pushing their boundaries and transforming themselves a little bit each time.
— Ingrid

Born and raised Minnesotan.

Now, she calls the Hill home. Combining her passion for fitness, music, and nutrition, she's inspiring D.C. to "melt."

Growing up in the skating rink, and with running shoes strapped to her feet, Ingrid knows how to make fitness fun.




  • Nike Certified Trainer
  • Equinox Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • MADDOGG Spin Certified Instructor
  • TRX Qualified 
  • Ritz Carlton Personal Trainer
  • Sweetgreen Ambassador 
  • Gouter Sponsored 

You can find Ingrid all over the D.C. helping clients to find their own body style.

If you'd like to contact Ingrid about changing your body, contact ingrid@theingnelson.com.